We can do anything we put our minds to at Battle Monument!

Diana Stansburge ( Resource Teacher)


** I am in a wheelchair and have a difficult time moving my arms.  I use a head switch attached to a device switch to communicate my needs and wants.

**I have a difficult time letting people know when I get frustrated, so I used to hit and kick.  Recently, I have learned how to calm myself down and use pictures to explain my frustration.

**I used to hit myself when I got upset and couldn’t do the work that was expected of me.  Now I have work delivered in a way I can understand and I enjoy coming to school.

These students and so many others are part of an amazing little school in Dundalk called BATTLE MONUMENT.  We are a separate public day school with 75 students ages 3-21 who are unable to meet with success in a comprehensive school due to significant intellectual disabilities and sometimes for medical and behavioral support needs.

Walk our halls and you will be amazed by all the incredible things going on here.  Our smallest students, ages 3 and 4, are learning to play appropriately, learning to activate a computer program with switches, and some are learning to stand and take steps independently.  They get so much done in their ½ day here.

In Physical Education class, we are finishing up a unit on the Olympics.  Students competed in bobsledding, biathlon, snowboarding and curling.  At the end of the unit, we had a school wide awards assembly and students received Olympic medals.

We are also part of a special program called “Trout in the Classroom”.  We have a huge fish tank in our lobby and we are raising trout from eggs.  In the spring we will take a trip to release them into a local waterway.  This has been a new and exciting experience.

Some of our high school students are working outside the school building.  They complete jobs at a local church and will soon begin working at Franklin Square Hospital bagging gowns and socks for patients.  We also have a food pantry for our community and food is unloaded and organized by our high school students.

Our staff spends a lot of time not only teaching our students academics but also communication skills, social skills and functional skills.  We strive to make all of our students as independent as possible to meet with success after their time at Battle Monument.

If you want to learn more about our school and our fabulous students, follow us on Facebook or twitter @ battle_monument.



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