Enhance Your Wonder

Kristi Enriquez, Principal

As educators, we are constantly seeking ways to bring learning to life for our students; making the content meaningful for each individual in their own way.  Often times, students verbalize their inability to relate to the text or bridge connections to their learning by virtue of inexperience.  At Battle Grove, we made it a priority to deliver experiences through opportunities to connect to the world in which they live.

Nestled in the heart of a small community, Battle Grove is not only a safe place for students to learn during school hours; but it is the place our scholars come before and after school hours to participate in clubs and activities where they can let their talents and creativity shine.  During these moments we see the excitement and curiosity take place within our young students.  It is through these experiences, we are able to build connections and foster 21st century skills within our students.

Before the school day begins, many of our fourth and fifth grade students plunge into their day with the arts; studying a variety of musical content through the artistry of singing in our morning chorus.  As you walk down our hall, you will observe our young entrepreneurs working at the school store, counting coins and preparing change for their customers.  Prior to the day beginning, scholars are experiencing responsibility, time management, offered a unique opportunity to start the day in a positive manner.

Afterschool, you will find many of our female students running in preparation to participate in the “Girls on the Run” 5k.  Through this program, the girls build connections with their teammates and coaches, encouraging one another to strive for success.  Our Boys club, meets weekly afterschool, affording a safe space for our young men to speak openly, build bonds, and feel a sense of pride within our school to become young leaders and role models.  For those who would like to give back, “Helping Hands” aims to promote empathy, serving the community in which we live.  Our students feel “at home” participating in all of these activities, in which they are awarded opportunities to connect to and interact with the world around them.

Whether students are attending a show for the arts, observing in a museum, or exploring at a farm; Battle Grove strives to enhance inquisitiveness in our students through experience and building connections in and around our community.  Through these moments, we are engaging the minds of our scholars, providing the students with a community where they feel safe to take risks and explore their “sense of wonder”.


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