Happiness at Hebbville

Kristy Toney, Physical Education Teacher

The overall climate at Hebbville Elementary School is new and exciting this year as The Language of Virtues and Restorative Practice have taken over!  In addition to C & I, each grade level has introduced meaningful lessons, along with the assistance of our new school counselor, to incorporate the Virtues.

Kindergarten has been completing lessons on how to be a good friend and get along with new friends.

The second grade team has been encouraging the children to work in cooperative groups and has been using sign language to lessen teacher talk. Second grade teachers are also using a gum ball as a class incentive for students to earn rewards at the end of each week for hallway behavior and team work, as well as showing the virtue of respect. Students in second grade have also been working with the counselor on the steps to take when someone is bothering or teasing them.

The third grade team is working their rotations in math! Students have been enjoying rotating from independent practice, i-Ready, a Math Fluency station, and a game station. Along with the school counselor, the students in third grade have been discussing the role of the school counselor and learning the difference between small and big problems.

Meanwhile, the fourth graders began a two part lesson with the counselor on what to do when someone “puts you down.”

In 5th grade, students are exploring chemical reactions, and are looking forward to their rocket launch that will take place at the end of the unit.  In math, these students are learning about place value and converting fractions to decimals.  In ELA, they are working on holding collaborative conversations that will benefit whole group and small group discussion.  Additionally, 5th grade has been learning about the virtue of respect, and how to portray this virtue in all aspects of their lives.  They take pride in being the leaders of the school and believe it is their responsibility to set a positive example to others.

The Specials’ Department, has also been incorporating virtuous language.  In P.E. students have been demonstrating how to be respectful in the gym while working cooperatively to complete fitness-based activities.  All physical education students are preparing to begin the NFL Play 60 challenge on Monday.  Furthermore, art classes have been working on pinwheels for peace.  Symbolic language is being utilized in order to create a school-wide collaborative project on the importance of peace, kindness, and compassion.  In addition, in library all grade levels are learning about Cybersafety and how to be respectful and responsible while online.

Overall, the enjoyment of learning is evident throughout Hebbville Elementary School as students and staff are engaged in instruction and relationship-building.



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