Campfield Early Learning Center

Alison Gray, Library Media Specialist

One of the things I really want this year is to offer library cards to all my parents. I spoke with all the teachers during a quick meeting the first week of school and made my proposal. My teachers were delighted with the idea and willing to help. At the beginning of the school year, parents fill out many forms and I included the parent library card sign up as one of those forms. My Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers spoke about it during conferences. My parents are very excited to know they can come to school to take out a book for their child. This is an invaluable tool when promoting literacy. I have already had requests from parents on our Twitter asking how they too can get a card. I found that best steps to take to expand access to our library are, involve teachers, use social media, and PROMOTE yourself and your school library. I sent in 100 applications the first week. When I came into work this morning I have 30 more applications waiting. I am so excited and can’t wait to get this program off the ground!!


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